Sant’Antonino… between charm and character

Prepare to be enchanted by its charm. First, enjoy the peace and quiet of this eagle’s nest. Then, leave your car at the entrance of the village to walk in the footsteps of Ugo Colonna, famous Roman count and founder of Sant’Antonino.

sant antonino

An immersion in the Middle Ages…

Stroll through its narrow streets and start by discovering the 75 houses built directly on the rock with the local stone. Welded together, these houses wrap around the granite peak to form an embryonic labyrinth.

After passing under many vaults, you will finally be able to see the old bread oven and the old wine press. Finally, climb to the top of the village, where the remains of the old fortifications can be found. There, take a deep breath… and now, open your eyes to discover, from this rock, the whole Balagne!